President’s Corner


Hello All,   

I want to begin my first article as Unit President, by thanking Steve Woodward, all of the other officers, and every member for everything that they did to keep the unit going through 2020.  We were very fortunate to have Steve as the unit President. I believe that this was his third time in that position, so he knew so many necessary things that were needed to keep everyone involved as much as possible. I am looking forward to his insight, to help me through my year as the Unit President.

I also want to thank all of the members, who have held officer positions throughout the       years, for offering to help our Unit continue to be a viable and strong Unit, and their offers to guide me this coming season.   

As I write this, we have all seen that more restrictions have been put in place at the state and local levels, due to the increasing number of people who are being treated for COVID-19, filling the hospitals and making the medical staff work so many long hours, while risking their health, and obviously, in some cases, their lives.

That being said, we must continue to take all precautions to protect ourselves and our
Airstream friends. The Airstream unit activities are completely voluntary. Please use your best judgement when participation in the unit functions.

Throughout all of this pandemic, I know that Allana Patterson has been key in keeping us all connected, and for that, I want to say; Thank you Allana.

We still have several officer positions open for this coming year. I ask you all to please     consider stepping up to help. I understand that Greg Walker is helping to fill many positions. Please reach out to Greg, whose number is in the unit directory, to see where you can help.

As of this moment the 2020-2021 Unit Officers are:
President- Gary Copeland
1st VP – David Brandon
2nd VP – Vacant
3rd VP – Jason Duncan
Secretary – Georgina Woodward (will stay until someone steps up)
Treasurer – Lynne Mack
Director – Sue Arnesen
Director – Mike Mack
Past President – Steve Woodward

2020-2021 Standing Committees                                                                                          Budget & Finance – Treasurer & Executive Officers
Benevolence- Donna Scott
Constitution & Bylaws – Andy Selking
International Parade –                                                                                                           Legislative- Andy Selking
Membership Chair – Tom Jensen
New Member Mentor – Tom Jensen
Newsletter Editor – Allana Patterson
Nominating – Greg Walker
Parliamentarian                                                                                                                          Web Site – Anna Brandon
Caravans – Marty/ Wanda Whitehill
Social Media – Anna Brandon

There are several activities that are planned for calendar year 2021, but tentative at this time because of the issues that we are all facing.

I truly hope that we can all be together in person, safely, sooner than later. Until then, best
wishes, stay healthy, and let’s have a great year in 2021!

Gary Copeland